Loans for doctors – terms and benefits

For several years on the Polish market one can see that many banks offer loans for special professional groups. Such loans usually have better conditions than those granted to people earning the lowest national income. Currently, this injustice is moving away, however, there are several institutions that provide loans in this way. Among the privileged groups there are, among others, doctors. What does the credit procedure look like in their case?

What are the benefits of loans for doctors?

What are the benefits of loans for doctors?

These benefits include better repayment terms and shorter procedures. There are currently 10 institutions in Poland that provide faster loans to specific, privileged professional groups. Usually these are public trust competitions. The exception is Bank Illieumun and Bank SID.

In the case of these banks, financiers can count on better credit conditions. Some banks have prepared preferences for selected representatives of social groups. People who occupy high positions in public trust professions can count on a quick cash injection that will allow the purchase of certain items. Individual banks adopt specific bonus methods for selected professional groups. The most common preferences include:

  • – simple credit procedures (estimation of income based on the statement of the selected client)
  • – significantly lower margin and preparation costs,
  • – increasing the limit of borrowed capital,
  • – longer loan period.


Loans for doctors, dentists, veterinarians without a certificate of income.

Loans for doctors, dentists, veterinarians without a certificate of income.

The doctor is perceived by most banks as a reliable person. This is very welcome. Doctors also earn more than average bread eaters, so they can apply for a loan on better terms. The doctor does not have to meet so many, often exorbitant requirements for obtaining a loan.

Due to the fact that it is a profession of public trust, the bank trusts a given person and believes in its diligence and credibility. Granting a loan to a doctor involves many facilities, such as longer crediting time and significantly fewer office procedures. Usually, in the case of doctors, there is no need to show documents confirming the amount of earnings. All you need is a verbal declaration.

Banks accept such declarations immediately. For a bank loan on a simpler basis, both a physician working in a hospital and a private practice doctor may apply. Banks want to support young specialists who want to open their own private office, but at the moment do not have sufficient funds for this purpose. They have extremely flexible and favorable conditions for incurring clients. All this only for the good of patients.

Looking somewhat more closely at the credit conditions for doctors, it can be noticed that the loan terms have been minimized in their case.

Credit for doctors – advantages

Credit for doctors - advantages

A doctor who has ever taken a loan from a bank knows that the lending procedure is just perfect. In fact, the only downside of the credit for doctors is the fact that the debt must be repaid. The advantages include:

  • – Necessity only for an identity card,
  • – extremely fast verification of the application and quick granting of the loan,
  • – a simple form of checking the creditworthiness of the person concerned,
  • – Lack of guarantors and security,
  • – Very long and flexible loan period,
  • – The ability to combine all liabilities into a whole,

As you can see a loan for doctors, it has many advantages. An additional advantage is that the doctor does not have to go to many different banks in order to compare the offers. There are companies that mediate between the person concerned and the bank.

Often doctors need an injection of cash to furnish their office. Medical equipment is very expensive and most people can not afford to buy it on their own. Banks that help their clients as best as possible can come to help. Each doctor wants to create the best specialist clinic for their patients.