How to get a loan secured by a car in 2019?

Everyone can have situations that may require money to solve. If money is deposited and there are savings, then the problem can be quickly resolved, but what if there is not enough money at the right time in the right amount?


car loan

car loan

You can contact the bank, but credit organizations will not give out large sums so easily. It will be necessary to collect documents, to submit an application, for the consideration of which it may take a few days. If you don’t have time to wait, contact an MFI and apply for a car loan . You will receive money within hours.


IMPORTANT: When performing an assessment of transport, which is transferred as security for the loan, the age of the vehicle and its technical condition will be taken into account. The chances of getting a loan increase significantly if:

  • domestic production up to three years;
  • imported car up to ten years.

The main condition for lending will be the absence of encumbrances on cars in the traffic police or other regulatory authority.


Vehicle and Borrower Requirements

Vehicle and Borrower Requirements

From the documents, you need only a driver’s license, passport with a residence permit, certificate of registration of the vehicle. In rare cases, microfinance organizations may require a mandatory OSAGO insurance policy. Virtually all credit institutions have an age limit for a potential borrower from 18-21 to 65-70 years.


Requirements are presented to transport, which is transferred to customers as collateral. The car should not be arrested, mortgaged, bought with credit funds. A car is considered as a pledge only if it is cleared through customs, taking into account the existing rules and norms of the law;


The advantages of obtaining a loan secured by a car

The advantages of obtaining a loan secured by a car

The loans that are given in microfinance organizations are economically and easily received and repaid. With a responsible approach, you can get a loan on favorable terms for the borrower:

  • the borrower does not need to confirm the payment capacity;
  • the credit history of the client who applied for the loan is not checked;
  • CASCO insurance is optional;
  • You do not need a guarantor to arrange a large loan.


Turning to a microfinance organization to get a loan on bail , you can count on a large amount, which the bank will issue when entering into a loan agreement. The borrower can count on 80, and sometimes 90% of the market / real price of the car.


When issuing a loan, a personal repayment schedule is drawn up, as is convenient for the client. Money can be returned in equal parts throughout the period. Debt can be repaid in full or in part. If difficulties arise in repayment of the loan, the contract can be prolonged, but this will require paying interest for a specific period.


Features of obtaining a loan secured by movable property

Features of obtaining a loan secured by movable property

Contacting an MFI to get a loan will not be inconvenient if you take this responsibility. Especially comfortable for customers who have several cars. Since they receive money urgently, they remain mobile.


The lending procedure secured by movable property provides for a small amount of documents and a minimum of time. All this was made possible thanks to a well-established algorithm.


To apply for everything you do not need to personally visit the MFI office. It is enough to leave a request on the company’s website or call the office. Consultants in the near future will call back and select a convenient time to visit the office according to your requirements. A credit agreement will be drawn up there and money will be issued.


The contract is prepared by MFI specialists on the basis of the application form submitted by the client, which indicates the vehicle owner’s data and the technical characteristics of the car. The questionnaire can be filled in the company’s office or online at the site. When considering the application is first carried out:

  • free expert assessment of the technical condition of the vehicle;
  • checking the vehicle for any encumbrances in the controlling authorities or in the traffic police;
  • preparation, signing of a loan agreement for a loan.

Provided as a pledge the car is placed on a guarded parking lot. The car is returned to the owner immediately after the return of the debt on the issued loan.


On our website, you can quickly get a loan, leaving your car on bail. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of reliability. We will be happy to assist you in difficult life moments. Therefore, do not hesitate, if you urgently need money, you can get it from us with the maximum financial benefit for yourself.